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The Dodecanese Islands

A complex of 12 major and some 150 minor Greek islands in the Aegean Sea, the Dodecanese is situated to the east of the Southwestern coast of Turkey, south from the island of Samos and to the northeast of the island of Crete. Rich in history and traditions, consistently inhabited – even in the case of islets – these islands feature innumerable Byzantine churches and medieval castles.

In its actual formation, the Department of the Dodecanese – a subdivision of the Region of Southern Aegean – comprises 163 islands, 26 of which are inhabited. Twelve of such islands are considered the most important, so much as to give this area its name (Twelve = Dodeka and Island = Nisos in Greek). Amongst such islands, Rhodes is definitely the most known, given its important historic presence over time. For thousands of years, Rhodes is the island from where the entire zone was managed, which does mean one should not omit to mention other quite important islands, like Kos and most notably Patmos, known for its central role in Christian tradition as well as Astypalaea, Kalymnos, Karpathos, Kassos, Leros, Nissyros, Symi, Tilos and Kastelorizo (in the extremity of Eastern Mediterranean).

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